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Education First:

There is a general responsibility to protect the earth system to reach "Sustainability" since the earth since the earth since the earth problems grow more serious day by day. However, it is not easy for everyone to be aware of this problem and to act for protecting the Earth in daily life, because the environmental problems are not visible. This study suggests ESD as a means for raising the awareness and behavior about the Earth. And "The environmental epistemological model of 5 aspects" is presented which connects ESD of earth environment with environmental policy. This study shows how the "The environmental epistemological model of 5 aspects" is reflected on the environmental policy and education within two municipalities which are trying to be woody biomass society as an example of the vision of "Sustainable society". The municipalities are Växjö city in Sweden and Keneyama-machi in Japan. As a result, it is clear that environmental policy and education at preschools in Sweden and in Japan are important institutions for promoting "The environmental epistemological model of 5 aspects" of a municipality's environmental policy. And it is concluded that ESD at early childhood is important as the base of the life-long learning and citizen's participation.

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