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Education First:

The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects on related subjects, who built relationship with local community and its members during the ‘Paper project’. The ‘paper project’ was performed for 5 weeks from the middle of March with the 5 years old class in kindergartens. The participants of this study were the researcher, the director of kindergarten, the teacher and young children in 5 year old class, the officer of city hall and the YWCA secretary of Chongju city. The data was collected from large range of materials such as the teachers’ daily log, study diary, the meeting recordings of the researcher & the relatives of the project and the children’s portfolio such as children’s drawing, writing etc. Qualitative analysis on all data has proceeded. The result of this study can be summarized into 3 key findings. First, the effects to the teacher & children were clear recognition about paper carton separating & the practice in their daily life, and the effect to community institutions & organizations were increased interest and civic consciousness of environmental issues Second, City hall officer learned the fact that early childhood is the most appropriate period for environmental education directing sustainability, which resulted in public planning & implementing for participation to early childhood education field, and the extension of support for recycling education in the kindergartens & child care center. Third, the effects to the YWCA secretary were the recognition of importance of young children as a member for the sustainable community, which allows him to extend activities with early childhood educational institute. Based on the study results, three points were discussed for the circumstance of applying ESD in early childhood, focusing on effective cooperation with local community.

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