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The following research studies the cases and the present state of England``s sustainable development education. It examines the curriculum for sustainable development education in England``s pre-schools and elementary schools. England created an educational guideline at the country level, and identified eight essential topics regarding sustainable development. Moreover, for efficient execution, it emphasized the 3Cs(Curriculum, Campus, Community) integrative approach. England``s Ofsted executed evaluations on the practice of sustainable development education in schools. The support system for England``s sustainable development education is essential for enhancing the quality of the education. Also, Ofsted``s evaluation of sustainable development education needs to be used for its efficient execution. It is also noteworthy that England is strengthening its sustainable development education through the cooperation of its government, schools and local community. The schools of England are enhancing the efficiency of education by doing exchanges between sustainable development education classes in different schools. This research on England``s sustainable education will have some significant implication for Korea.

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